"Fast, simple and effective access to the benefits of the banking system ... it's like oxygen for your business. And I believe every merchant has the right to expect it."

Kelli Coulombe, President, KM Processing

We have been in the payment processing solutions business for 20 years — and involved with financial services in general for 30. We were drawn to the high-risk side of the business because we saw that you need a payment partner you can depend on for quality, and whom you can trust to be a straight shooter. So, KM Processing built up a network of banking partners across the United States, a formidable battery of technologies that assure fast, simple processing ... and a reputation for great service and honesty.

We specialize in reasonably priced solutions that allow your customers to pay via credit card, debit network processing, and electronic payment. No matter where your business lies on the high to low risk spectrum, we have an answer for you — an answer you can trust.

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Kelli Coulombe