You don't have to SACRIFICE the benefits of modern banking to work with your cannabis customers.

Even though the use of cannabis has been legalized to some extent in most US states, it's still illegal under federal law. So any contact with money that can be traced back to state marijuana operations could be considered money laundering. This includes organizations that never touch the plant itself, so-called "ancillary" businesses like payroll companies, manufacturers or suppliers of extraction/distillation equipment, trade associations, marketing organizations and packaging companies.

KM Processing can help.

We have the experience and partnerships to provide transparent payment processing to your marijuana related business — reasonably priced solutions that allow your customers to pay via credit card, debit card, or electronic check — and allow you to quickly bank those payments in your business account.

Why KM Processing?

The simple answer lies in our track record. Our customers will tell you that we provide better rates, complete transparency, bullet-proof technology and top-notch service. What's more, our global partners guarantee that we have the perfect merchant account for your business; the most stable and transparent solutions available. We are the low-risk solution for high-risk businesses.

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