Posted by Kelli Coulombe on Sep 8, 2020 3:34:34 PM
Kelli Coulombe

A few weeks back, I read an article about China's government being so concerned about cash money spreading COVID-19 that it had mass quantities of bills sterilized with UV light. The South Koreans took similar steps.

Now, while this strikes me as an extreme measure, I have to agree that there's good reason for retailers to be concerned and careful when handling coins and paper currency. After all the experts say that COVID-19 virus can stay active on paper money and coins for hours. And when mom said, "You don't know where that money has been," she was right.

So lately, I've noticed that many of my dispensary customers have found a new reason to appreciate KM Processing's Point of Banking solution. (POB section) Because they're doing more transactions via ATM card, they're handling less cash ... often, a lot less. This means that Point of Banking is not only good for your business. It can help make your business healthier for employees and your customers.

Of course, your defense against COVID-19 will still depend greatly on the basics: on masks, on sanitizers and hand-washing, on distancing and being careful not to touch your face. But our Point of Banking Solution can reduce your vulnerability to one significant vector of infection: handling, counting, storing and transporting high volumes of currency.

That's a great thing!

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