eCheck Processing-The second-best option available for accepting cannabis payments.

For Ecommerce and non-face-to-face transactions, eCheck Processing is the best option. Reliably accept payments for online or phone orders where you are completing a transaction without a card present.

You might be thinking “this is so old fashioned”…, but paying by eCheck is still one of the best ways for a high-risk business to ensure their ability to accept payments. eCheck processing allows for uninterrupted operations in the event something goes wrong with your high-risk offshore merchant account. And, there are many benefits for both the customer and the business.

  • More payment options = more customers. An eCheck is a very secure way for a customer who may not have a credit card to still make their purchase with their bank account.
  • Lower processing fees for the merchant. eCheck processing fees are one flat rate which is significantly lower than the notoriously high fees associated with (offshore) credit card processing.
  • Move just a portion of your transactions to this type of payment and you could see a substantial impact on your bottom line.
  • Quicker deposits give businesses more control over cash flow.
  • Quick underwriting and implementation. Accepting eChecks is one of the quickest ways to start accepting payments fast, ever while you wait for merchant account approval.


Accepting eChecks gives Ecomm merchants piece of mind. Cash payments are not an option when all sales happen without any face to face interaction. This can also be used as a valuable back-up solution. What if every other option you are using for accepting payments were to be put on hold or worse, get shut down? With eChecks as a back-up, your sales flow stays on track. And you’re able to offer your customers an option for getting the products they need.

Why KM Processing?

The simple answer lies in our track record. Our customers will tell you that we provide better rates, complete transparency, bullet-proof technology and top-notch service. What's more, our global partners guarantee that we have the perfect merchant account for your business; the most stable and transparent solutions available. We are the low-risk solution for high-risk businesses.

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