Point of banking for the cannabis industry.

Now you can accept ATM cards as an alternative to cash.

KM Processing’s Point of Banking (POB) solution allows your dispensary to accept ATM cards. The POB terminal is like an ATM, but it does not dispense cash. Rather, it provides your customers with receipts they can use to purchase your products. They simply swipe their cards, punch in their PINs, and then redeem the receipts for the goods they need. The funds are settled directly into your bank account, where you can use them to take care of business as you see fit.
  • 1-3 business day settlement directly to your bank account
  • Risk of chargebacks, fraud, andrefunds is almost eliminated because customers must enter their own unique PIN codes to complete transactions
  • Provides a record of all transactions and has reporting capabilities. This provides merchants with valuable information, such as purchase times, and average ticket amounts.

How it works:

A Point of Banking (POB) terminal provides businesses with a solution to accept bank cards without a traditional merchant account. A POB terminal looks like a standard terminal, however it does not dispense any cash. This solution is also known as a Cashless ATM. It is programmed to operate as an ATM, using the private ATM networks. The user will swipe their card and punch in their PIN code. The customer then receives a printed receipt (depending on the business set up) which is redeemed for purchase. Change is provided if necessary. The funds are settled directly into the merchant’s bank account.

For example: A customer makes a purchase for $76.00. The machine will automatically round the transaction up to the nearest $5.00 increment. The transaction will process at $80.00 and the budtender/delivery operator will provide $4.00 in change (which is often given to the driver or tender as a tip). When merchants opt to move forward with this solution, they need to be prepared to make change for several transactions per day. Additionally, the POB online portal provides a record of all transactions and has reporting capabilities (note that our reporting portal has a 24-hour buffering time). This provides merchants with valuable information, such as purchase times, and average ticket amounts.

There are two terminals we offer for this solution:

  • WiFi Terminals for store front/retail locations
  • Wireless Terminals for businesses that provide a delivery service

A merchant’s risk of chargebacks, fraud, and refunds are nearly eliminated because customers enter their own unique PIN code to complete their transaction. Less fraud is committed with a four-digit code, so using this type of payment solution can help put customers at ease. Chargebacks rarely happen when merchants are on this solution. However, in the case of disputes/chargebacks, we are able to cover such disputed amounts for merchants as long as merchants provide a copy of the transaction receipts. That said, we recommend that merchants retain copies of transactions receipts up to 6 months.

Why KM Processing?

The simple answer lies in our track record. Our customers will tell you that we provide better rates, complete transparency, bullet-proof technology and top-notch service. What's more, our global partners guarantee that we have the perfect merchant account for your business; the most stable and transparent solutions available. We are the low-risk solution for high-risk businesses.

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